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◮ She might just be a pawn in this game but a pawn still had some power 

  ~ INFO ~

Title: The smoke thieves
Author: Sally Green
Publisher: Penguin Books
Price:   paperback £ 7,99
                ebook £ 4,99
Plot: A princess, a traitor, a soldier, a hunter and a thief.

Five teenagers with the fate of the world in their hands.
Five nations destined for conflict.

In Brigant, Princess Catherine prepares for a political marriage arranged by her brutal and ambitious father, while her true love, Ambrose, faces the executioner's block.
In Calidor, downtrodden servant March seeks revenge on the prince who betrayed his people. In Pitoria, feckless Edyon steals cheap baubles for cheaper thrills as he drifts from town to town.
And in the barren northern territories, thirteen-year-old Tash is running for her life as she plays bait for the gruff demon hunter Gravell.
As alliances shift and shatter, and old certainties are overturned, our five heroes find their past lives transformed and their futures inextricably linked by the unpredictable tides of magic and war.
Who will rise and who will fall? And who will claim the ultimate prize?

~My Wandering Thoughts ~

It`s going to be really difficult to write a review for this book because, on one hand, I really enjoyed it, but on the other, it felt quite dull.
Let`s start 
You all know I loved Half Bad but I didn`t have high expectations for this book because we all know where that leads -disappointment-. I liked that there were multiple main characters because we get to know the different sides of the story
and they all come from different backgrounds, which is a thing that I really liked. At the same time, I feel like the multiple POVs were too much because there are
many characters and it`s very different to get attached to someone in particular. My favourite was March but the others were just... there, I didn`t really feel anything for them, not even empathy. I wasn`t really a fan of the love story between Catherine and Ambrose and both were very dull characters, almost stereotypical, but I hope this changes in the next book, even though I saw an improvement on Catherine's side towards the end of the book, but I can already tell where here story is going to go and I would like to be mistaken for once because I expect something way  more original of Green. We`ll see. Same for Ambrose. I really liked the relationship with his brother and I hope he`s going to be a more complex character in the next book (like Catherine, he already improves towards the end). Tash Pov`s was more interesting, plotwise because we get to know more about the demon smoke, the rest of the book is just political schemings (which I love), but I would have liked a better explanation of the world the characters live in because, in my opinion, it was quite shallow. It`s very slow paced, with tiny bursts of action here and there, but I didn`t really mind it, it allowed me to focus on what was happening and all the intrigues and deceptions (which by the way, were many).
It felt like in this book everything was arranged into place in order to really start in the next book. I don`t really mind it and I think that the second book is going to be much better than this one. 


Overall, it was an okay-book, not mindblowing or anything, but I can`t wait to read the next one which I expect to be amazing, from what we saw take place in this, and I`m sure that many secrets about the smoke and the demons are going to be explained. 

Happy Reading! xxx
Nora A.

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